GRIGIO | green glass bead


This nifty Glass Veil is a combination of a few useful adjectives, all in one:

  • practical – use it to tag your glass, different colors of silks, beads, and threads will help guest to find their own glass easily and quickly, all the while enjoying a larger dinner parties
  • various – 15 styles provide more selection and match most occasions well
  • easy – simply draping the charms over any glass (steeples, tea mug, coffee cup, small bowl, Champaign flute, cognac shooter, etc.), ANY!
  • nice – as in gift; these will make for great gifts for bachelorette parties, ladies party, dinner parties, birthday parties, weddings, wine lovers gatherings; show your appreciation for showers, from newlyweds, for wedding, house warming, Christmas, holiday, stocking stuffers, and birthday presents
  • fun – for so many social occasions; use them at home, restaurants, hotels, bars, at parties, picnics, gender reveal gathering, simply any time drinks are available and are free-flowing; it can make you enjoy a glass by yourself or when hosting larger dinner parties

Never lose your drink at dinner party or pick up someone else’s.

BRAND: Details by Oksana 
MATERIAL: Beige Silk Organza, Multi Glass Bead, Green Thread
ARRIVES beautifully packaged in a velvety pouch to match
CARE: Wash by hand, air dry, and iron on low | OR give it to your mother – she will know what to do

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