GLASS VEILS | set of six


What is your wedding theme? Sporty glam? Roaring 1920’s? Casual boho beach with a touch of glam? However creative it is, you will wish to thank your bridesmaid and maid of honor for guiding you along the way. A set of 6 Glass Veil TM is very fitting, as there is a mother-in-law and your esthetician to thank, too. Birthday stones, favorite colors, seas shells, and common interest, will all be addresses in one set of six either identical or different Glass Veils TM. No time to gather everyone’s personal info? A set of six Grigio Glass Veils TM with champaign glass beads and matching thread will make the to-do list shorter.

BIRTHDAY stones we offer:
Amethyst – FEBRUARY
Aventurine (green) – AUGUST
Citrine – NOVEMBER
Pearl – JUNE
Rose Quartz –  JANUARY

Burgundy glass bead
Champaign glass bead
Iridescent glass bead
Pink glass bead

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