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Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners frequently use crystals to aid in healing the mind and body. One such crystal is the purple amethyst, which is thought to be powerful. It is known to enhance the immune system, improve endocrine function, improve skin’s appearance, promote digestive health, reduce headaches, regulate hormones. Clever alternative to wine charms which will easily distinguishing everyone's drinks. Make your party a hit, by having a few of the Glass Veil TM on hand for guest to chose those they like. Whether you love to host and entertain or know someone who does, these unique wine glass markers make a memorable impression at any event. Your guests will love the simple but clever function of these wine glass charms.They make a great housewarming gift a new home or beach house, a lovely hostess gift, or great birthday gift for a friend or neighbor. Simple to use, easy to take care of, reusable and safe. These make for a clever gift for those who enjoy wine.  MATERIALS: Hand-stitched Silk Organza with Amethyst Gems and Deep Red Thread SIZE: 6"X6" CARE: Wash by hand, air dry or iron on low ARRIVES beautifully packaged in a velvety pouch to match.


Citrine is the “Merchant’s Stone,” because it is associated with success and prosperity. Older references are rare because it’s been confused with topaz until relatively recent times, but this use has been consistent. Citrine has been associated with the solar plexus chakra as well as increases creativity, protects you from negative energies, activates your intuition, helps you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity, encourages sharing, promotes happiness and joy. Classy, fun, and easy wine charms that drapes over any type of stemware and some serving bowls. Great for wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes. These silk organza hand-stitched veil will mark your glass from the rest and keep pesky nets away. No meat with your wine. Many colors and variations to choose from, they enhance the enjoyment of their drink by providing a practical marker for a drink.  We are a small business which concentrates on reducing foot imprint on the world. Very little is discarded at the end of the day. We take pride in producing quality wine accessories, and strive to continually bring fun new items to our loyal customers who love to entertain and purchase unique wine gifts. MATERIALS: Hand-stitched Silk Organza with Citrin Gems and Nude Thread SIZE: 6"X6" CARE: Wash by hand, air dry or iron on low ARRIVES beautifully packaged in a velvety pouch to match


Thought to “bless everyone it touches” jade is one of the most widely recognized and powerful crystal gemstones. Pink jade or jadeite, a mineral of sodium and silicate of aluminum, like all other forms of jade, is considered to be a healing stone that has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body; many believe simply holding it has a tremendous effect on the nervous system. Pink jade holds especially powerful magic in the realm of love. It spurs the expansion, growth and deepening of relationships, stimulates the heart space, and is a powerful tool for couples to work with in meditation together. CHARMED! I am sure. This stylish alternative to wine glass charm with genuine gems will be a conversation starter at least at any social gathering you attend. Easy to use by simply draping over a glass, will mark your glass beautifully. It arrives beautifully packages in a pouch decorated with gold tassels and tie. Will never leave a mark on a glass. Make for a great gift for a wine connoisseur in your life. Hostesses love that these unique veils captivate their guest. Will work on any size glasses and some bowls at a table setting. Made in USA - has been handcrafted locally since 2020. Your purchase supports a small business and local artisans, coming to you from Los Angeles, CA. We take pride in our high quality wine accessories which are not only fun, but are now rather essential. Extensive selection (almost 20) of bespoke charms with genuine stones. HOW FUN! If you would like us to create a special piece for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to work with you on creating something unique. MATERIALS: Hand-stitched Deep Red Silk Organza with Genuine Pink Jade and Burgundy Thread. SIZE: 6"X6" CARE: Wash by, air dry, iron on low ARRIVES beautifully packaged in a velvety pouch to match


Two of a good thing is always better than one. Here we have two glass veils TM in a velvety pouch. Keep one for yourself, gift the other one to a great friend, but have a spare, always. MATERIAL: Silk Organza, hand-stitched, glass bead SIZE: Apprx. 6"x6" two glass veils TM, Grigio and Merlot ARRIVES packed beautifully in a velvety pouch CARE: Wash by hand, gently, and iron on low


If you bought our twofer and decided to split the two veils, to gift one and to keep the other one, there is only one velvety pouch. A separate pouch can be purchased of the same color or different. Dilemma solved!