Welcome to my online boutique, where I am certain you will find fabulous new additions to your wardrobe.
My love for jewelry is at the core of thriving to open this online boutique. Plus size woman with sensitivities to metal + love for all things accessories (silk scarves, leather gloves, fine purses) + a gift for crafts = I knew I could create necklaces and bracelet that will be loved. The few pieces I designed for myself, always caught attention of those who saw them. I never could find the time to sell them, or so I thought. Year 2020 had a refreshing way of reshaping the world for us. I found the time.
Graphic designer by trade and a product of Communist Russia back when we didn’t have much, grew our own produce, made preserves, knitted, sewed our own clothes, I have a perfect understanding of what it takes to construct a piece of jewelry, using a range of materials – supple leathers, fine stones, beads, and crystals have all been turned into jewelry. Over time, leather starts to wear differently, to a point where it is shaped differently and the color is new. Almost as if you receive several pieces of jewelry with one purchase.
Over the last few months I had the time to look over my wardrobe to find pieces of clothing I loved once, but don’t see myself wearing any time soon. I hope they will bring you joy.