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When everyone at your house party celebration is drinking out of identical glasses, things will almost always get a little confusing once the party gets underway. Instead having your guests guess which glass is theirs all night, help them mark their own with ease by providing these stylish accessories for their drinks. Never was I a fan of the round clunky traditional, slightly outdated, wine class charms. They hurt my dainty fingers and on occasion I would squish them, only to promise the hostess of the party to buy more of them for the next gathering. These whimsical drink markers will be a conversation starter among your guests, especially when they are able to pick their glass of Pinot Noir out of a sea of identical ones filled with red wine. 

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What can be simper that draping a silk hand-stitched veil over the rim of a Champaign flute, cognac glass, bowl of salad, while you are mingling with the rest of the party? I’d say nothing. The Glass Veil ™ will mark your drinking glass and keep insects out, while you step away from your seat. The only meat I like with my wine is the one cooked by a chef and served on a plate. 

They are fantastic for wine tastings, dinner, parties, weddings, happy hours, family dinner moments, bridesmaids’ gifts, and so many more occasions. Keep your favorite one with you in your purse, as it will arrive in a velvety pouch. Be ready to use it at a bar, restaurant, hotel, wedding, BBQ, birthday, graduation, on vacation, bachelorette party, picnic, … anywhere cocktails are served and flowing. 

They make for great gifts for bridesmaids at a wedding party who have everything, teachers who work so hard to educate our children, estheticians in your life who make you irresistible, essential workers who deliver mail and take care of us, rain or shine. Think of all the people in your life who could use this unique gift. They will be touched you thought of them and gifted something special. 

I am so glad you stopped by my boutique. Please look around. I am certain you will find a few things you can not live nor leave without. Write to us. We love connecting with our fans and loyal customers.